Vector View
Vector View is a simple applet for viewing three dimensional vectors inputted by the user. Up to 24 vectors can be defined. Vector
View offers an easy way to check calculations that involve vectors by visualizing them in a 3D Cartesian (XYZ) space.
Sample input:
Can't input?
-Click inside the applet space.
Want to input a new set of vectors?
-Refresh the page from your browser.
Applet not loading?
-Close and restart your browser.
Negative numbers, zeros and non-integers can be
Navigation Keys

Left/Right Arrows:
rotate camera around
Z axis

Up/Down Arrows:
pan camera up and

- / =:
Zoom out and in

Switch between black
and white background
Vector Algebra, especially for 3D operations where it is hard to visualize vectors.

Member orientation, checking of results of scripted vector operations, which again are hard to visualize in 3D

 Free body diagrams, force display at joints connecting members in 3D trusses      

-Structural analysis
Force directions on bolts, nodes

Kinematics, force directions on bodies, pulleys

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