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Shear Flows Calculator
Calculates shear flows around a circular stiffened cross section.
This program was written in C.
Lifting Line
Calculates lift and drag for a wing using the lifting line method.
This program was written in Matlab.
3D Panel
Lift calculation using 3D panel methods for a wing with a cambered airfoil.
This program was written in Matlab.
Shear Loads on Fasteners(Scilab)
Maximum Shear Stress(Scilab)
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Public Domain Aeronautical Software
This guy sells a CD with numerous Public Domain codes useful for Aerospace Engineers
Software for Aerodynamics and Aircraft Design (W.H. Mason, Virginia Tech)
A collection of codes useful to Aeronautical Engineers.
Have You Tried Google Codesearch?
Google is taking over the world and I know resistance is futile!
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STL to DXF Excel Based Converter
Vector View (Processing)
Quickly visualize vectors that stem from the origin.
Free CFD Codes
Collection of CFD codes and CFD books.
Delaunay Triangulation (Processing)
Moments of Inertia
Calculation of principal moments of inertia of a cross section
composed of rectangular elements. This is a Scilab program
Structural Analysis
Triangulation generated around ten random points.
Takes a set of ASCII STL files and writes them in DXF format..
Vehicle Clearance (Processing)
2D simulation of a vehicle crossing random terrain in order to
determine if it gets stuck.
Falling Balls (Processing)
2D simulation of falling balls interacting with each other, walls
and user defined objects. © 2014 Mihai Pruna