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August 13, 2010

The smallest device I have written a program on...

The first entry in this blog, "Programming on the Go" ,offered a few options for developing simple programs without carrying a laptop around, by using handheld devices such as Pocket Computers or Handheld PCs or Palmtops. This week I was able to program on a device even smaller than the aforementioned computers: my iPod Touch. I jailbroke and installed iXpectrum. The touch keyboard can be tricky to use, but development of simple BASIC programs is possible. I wrote a couple of one liners. Once I figure out if I can save .tap files on the device, I might try more advanced stuff. Blast from the past!

August 05, 2010


messing around with Microsoft Game Studios...I'm going to try to port my game here, one, because I am more familiar with.NET programming and two, because Windows 7 phone is cooooooming!

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