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July 24, 2009


yup, I paid the 99 dollars and put my game on the Touch. Lemme tell you, it runs slower than in the sim. That is, the timer runs slower! I guess the timer delegate function doesn't get called as often because the iTouch is less powerful. I'm going to call thye timer delegate less often, about as often as the FPS of the view update.

I was fairly impressed with Apple's provisioning assistant, despite my initial grumbles when the connection timed out, which was probably my fault because I was switching wifi networks. Other than that, the process was really smooth.


July 15, 2009

Fixed! (see previous post)

when I was going to the main menu, the game view controller was still instantiated. It wasn't released or anything else. SO when I pushed the new game button, I was making another instance...doing that a bunch of times would obviously fill up the memory. So, obviously, what I do now is I check if the game view controller is not instantiated (if (self==nil) {}), and if it is nil (first time new game button pushed) I do the alloc and init, otherwise, if it exists, I just re-init. In either case I insert its view on top of the main menu view.

And that is all!

July 11, 2009

watta mess!

I am implementing multiple levels now. Transitioning from one level to the next works fine, but the return to menu button doesn't work anymore until I push it three or four times. After that, levels reinitialize with the previous starting value for my moving element, instead of the initial value.


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