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May 27, 2009

oops on that last entry :)

It seems that if you set the first view controller.view to the gameviewcontroller.view when pushing the play button, you will lose touch functionality in the gameviewcontroller.

So, the correct (until I am proven wrong) way to get your game view to hide the menu view is to use , in the menu view controller play button IBAction, the following instruction: [self.view insertsubview:gameviewcontroller.view atIndex:1]


But now the game view is again rotated 90 degrees from the menu view. Fortunatekly all I have to do is (again) swap the x and y in my game...


Stay tuned for more exciting posts where I will try to be as informative as possible, without revealing much about the nature of the game, lest one of you speedier programmers steal my idea and run away with it....

May 22, 2009

Xcode breakthroughs!

Today I made good progress while coding during lunch break...in the park...80 degrees ...yeah, can't get much better than this.

But, back on course. I figured out how to set up my views in landscape mode and eliminate the buttons from the initial menu from the game view.

Hint: give the view of the menu view controller the value of the view of the game view controller.That is, self.view=gameviewcontroller.view, while in the 'New Game' button push method of the main menu view controller.

The menu view controller, if you want the game to be in landscape mode, should have the included method ShouldAutoRotate... set to one of the Landscape values.

That's it, easy as 3.14 !

May 16, 2009

Macs vs PCs

Since I have been getting Macs like crazy, I have 3 right now, I can finally tell whether Macs or PCs are better.

Here's the bottom line:

Software: Mac software is as good as the best software you can find for Windows

Hardware: Macs laptops are as good hardware-wise as mid-range  PC laptops. So, the price for Mac hardware is not justified. For the same a mount of money you pay for a Macbook, you can get a PC notebook that is twice as good.

May 05, 2009

Xcode progress...

Slowly getting there with my game. I have the engine almost all ported into Xcode. However, when I run it in the simulator, it only works if I set breakpoints in the beginning, then remove them. Otherwise it throws an exception. I will find a fix and post it here.

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