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February 19, 2008

LEGO Digital Designer, or how to relive your childhood

This is a neat free software that allows you to build a LEGO model on your computer, from a library of parts. Apparently you can then  send it to LEGO and buy it, but the model I built had some parts that they didn't have, so I couldn't check that feature.


The program automaticaly generates a building guide that helps you build the model in real space, if you buy the parts.

It's really fun to use and the part library is quite extensive. At the same time, the interface can be frustrating at times, and as the model gets bigger the frame rate when moving parts around or when navigating gets a bit choppy. 

 Check out the WW2 Navy Fighter I built. It has folding wings, retractable landing gear and moving contrrol surfaces. Lego is sure missing out by not leting me upload this great model to their library ;)





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