Asteroid Invasion!
Quick Reference

Left click around an
asteroid to place a
rocket  thruster at that
location. A red circle
around the asteroid
signifies it is in range
and the red line shows
the direction of the
force imparted by the
thruster if placed at
that moment. Thrusters
are free and are built
automatically, but only
ten at most are
available at any time.

Right click on an
asteroid  to place a
warhead on the
asteroid (if any
warheads are  

Click on the BUILD
button under
"Warheads" to build a
warhead. Warheads
cost $5 Billion.

Click on the BUILD
button under "Stations"
to build a laser space
station. Laser space
stations automatically
fire at asteroids. Up to
four space stations can
be built and each costs
$10 Billion.

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About Asteroid Invasion....

Asteroid Invasion is a Java Space Game created with Processing . It's the year 2012 and it looks like the world might indeed end in this fateful year. For in 2012 a
huge swarm of asteroids crosses path with Earth! It is up to you to save the human race from certain extinction. Use nuclear thrusters, laser space stations and
nuclear warheads to deflect or destroy incoming asteroids. Although this is an arcade game, Newtonian physics and the laws of motion are represented. Asteroids
incur Earth's gravitational pull, but if they are fast enough they can end up orbiting forever or escape from Earth's gravity well. Using nuclear thrusters that ground
and spit the asteroid's mass away from its body, you can 'help' these interplanetary interlopers depart Earth without causing any harm. Or you can destroy them ...  if  
you build weapons!

Only you can prevent the extinction of the human race and restore peace in the sky!

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Asteroids that are moving fast are less of a threat that slow ones, unless their path takes them straight to Earth. Due to their high velocity, they are less affected by
Earth's gravitational pull.

Use thrusters not against the path of the asteroid, but rather trying to accelerate it both tangentially and away from Earth. However, small asteroids can be completely
devoured by the thruster that is using their mass as reaction force, thus it might be advantageous to slow them down until they vanish.

Nuclear warheads can split large asteroids, causing twice the headache. Try to use the warheads as far from Earth as possible on large asteroids.

The higher your population, the faster cash accrues. A civilization near extinction obviously cannot produce as much as a healthy one.
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Learn more about NASA's asteroid detection program ( NEO ) here.
Near Earth Objects ( NEOs ) are asteroids and comets that come close enough to Earth to be a potential hazard. NEOs are constantly monitored by NASA using
ground based telescopes and satellites.
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